Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yoga Day 1

I recently discovered my cable company has On Demand fitness classes. So, today, I did a 30 minute beginner's yoga. The poses felt awkward - mostly it was my uncertainty that I was executing them properly. The class was fairly basic, so I didn't have too many strong opinions about my first day. I noticed that about 30 minutes after I finished, by body felt good - a bit more relaxed, or perhaps I was just more aware of my body.

Yoga in February!

My goal for February is to practice yoga every day this month. I've only tried yoga twice, both times at home, so I am truly a beginner.

I signed up at a yoga studio near my house, Purple Yoga, for unlimited classes for two weeks as a special introduction for new students.

Tonight, I'm doing a beginner's class from my OnDemand cable option, same tomorrow, then I start my first class on Friday.

Why yoga? I think I've always felt that I would benefit from slowing down, breathing, and being more aware of my body. I think it would center me and keep me more balanced. I'm hoping for that from yoga, and I'm open to anything else I can learn from the practice.
I'm excited to head into something so new and so unfamiliar....

"Just breathe"