Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blossoms for a senior

I brought a bouquet of yellow flowers to a nursing home this afternoon and asked the receptionist to give them to a resident who never gets visitors or gifts. She was happy to do so, and I also left a kindness card too.

I selected the nursing home by researching the worst care facilities in the area. It's so sad to see the ratings! This place had only 1 star out of 5 from the Department of Health. Terrible! I figured a resident at a facility like this might need flowers more than anyone.

I was reminded today of my weekly visits to see my great-grandmother when I was young. I remember seeing other residents who never received a visitor...while some may not have welcomed visitors, I'm sure most would have treasured a visit or an unexpected gift.

This entire process took less than 15 minutes (to buy the flowers and deliver them). I'm left with one question...
... why don't I do this more often????