Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yoga Day 29

I finished a month of yoga! And, heading into a lifetime (I hope!) of yoga practice!

Yesterday, as we all entered into a child's pose, one student went into a quiet headstand. She was graceful and strong, and transitioned into a headstand with complete ease. She held the pose easily, then scissored her legs like an upside down ballerina, then slowly slipped out of the pose and back into the routine with the rest of the class. She was so quiet and modest, I wouldn't have noticed it had I not broken from my pose for a moment. Gives me inspiration that I might someday also be that strong.

I'm only in the beginner classes, and I can't imagine how long it might take me to master these poses, control my breath, and be strong enough to graduate to the next level. I'm going to take my time, revel in the challenge, and aspire toward strength, grace, and poise.

There is so much I want to learn...
- to control my breath and let my breath guide the practice
- to practice on my own, to guide myself through poses with the same intensity of teacher-led session
- to be strong enough to try the red series (next level up)
- to discover the future surprises yoga might have in store for me

"If you are standing on a yoga mat and have the time to practice even fifteen minutes, you are a fortunate person. If you have a yoga teacher, you have an invaluable gift and life tool available to very few people. In the spirit of this gratefulness, let your practice begin."  
     - Farhi