Monday, April 30, 2012

Artful April Recap

While I'm sad to see Artful April come to a close, I'm coming to realize that most of my monthly ambitions continue well beyond the 30 or 31 days. In some ways, the month serves as an intense study that creates a foundation that will hopefully serve me for the foreseeable future, and perhaps even a lifetime. And, in some cases, the month-long focus establishes a habit  I've also really enjoyed asking friends and new acquaintances about their favorite artists - I've learned from my friends and also learned more about them too.

April Recap:

Museums Visited (all new to me except for LACMA)
Art Created
  • Took photographs of Penny every day for a month
  • Made the project social by posting on Facebook
  • Project will live on! I have guest photographers lined up for the next several months
  • Finally, after years of wanting to, took a pottery wheel class
Online Explorations
Takeaway thoughts
  • I loved, loved, loved taking photos of Penny. I may take her with me in the future. 
  • I am even more intrigued with photography. I would love to continue: to explore, to learn, to create.
  • Considering a series of photographs like those of the 60's - something you could see taken backstage with the Beatles, black and white portraits, rock and roll style.... I have images in mind. 
  • I have an instant reaction to most art. I either love it immediately or I don't. 

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