Monday, April 30, 2012

April Showers

This month I had planned to focus on water conservation by taking shorter showers. But it turns out I already take short showers and I wasn't really willing to give up any more time. So, I had to research new ways to conserve water.

Best new strategy: I started flushing the toilet using a bucket of water from the shower. This is so simple! During my shower, I simply place a bucket in the shower to catch the run-off. Then, the next time I'm flushing the toilet, I pour the bucket of water into the toilet bowl. Done!

I started the month following the instructions of some websites which tell you to flush the toilet, then pour the bucket of water into the back storage basin. Totally unnessary and too many extra steps! Instead, you can pour the bucket (a standard bucket is exactly the right size) directly into the bowl, you don't have to flush the toilet since the gravity of the water initiates the flushing action on its own. Simple!

It's not exactly glamorous, but really easy and quickly became a habit.

Don't forget that being a vegetarian is one the best ways to save water - consumption of meat is an extraordinary waste of water!

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2013 Update: I kept up with this for almost a year, then I put the bucket away when guests came over. After the guests left, I forgot to put the bucket back out. What a ridiculously innane way to stop doing something that is easy and so good for the environemnet. And who cares if there is a bucket in the shower - maybe it can start a conversation to help spread the word. So, before writing this update, I placed the bucket back in the shower and I'm ready to start 2013 right!

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