Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yoga Day Two

I came home late from work again tonight, so I oped for the On Demand yoga. This time I chose a "gentle yoga" class. Very simple poses and stretches. It was nice and relaxing, with a few challenging poses. Again, I enjoyed the experience, but it wasn't exceptional. 

Afterwards, I starting reading "Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit" by Donna Farhi - a wonderful book that a good friend gave me last week. I love the holistic approach, detailed description of the poses, and good writing.

"In such moments we experience a sense of translucence such that that which we see, feel, sense, hear, or touch no longer feels separate from us but is experiences as a part of our totality.... when we become the same midnight sky that fills us with awe, we remember, however briefly, our place in the scheme of things...These moments have always been there... These moments are simply awaiting our arrival"

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