Monday, January 2, 2012

January Sanctuary - Day Two

Tackled a major project today by reinforcing 4 large kitchen drawer bottoms. All the drawers were sagging, and one had been stuck closed for a year (how terrible that I let that go this long!).

Supplies from Home Depot:
1/4 inch plywood
Guerrilla Glue
Brush for glue

Supplies from home:
Feinmaster saw
Water (to prep for glue)
Gloves (to avoid having my fingers stuck to the drawer permanently)
iTunes (Freedom and Death; the Cure; Arcade Fire)
Heavy books to stack on top of drawer while glue set

Cut plywood to shape of bottom drawer, dampened wood, applied glue, set in place, and weighted it with tons of books. Glue dried in 2 hours, but I'm leaving weights in place for 24 hours to ensure glue is permanently set.

Exciting to finally finish this project and I can't wait to have all my drawers back and easy to open! The process was made easier with a few calls to my Dad who gave me perfect advice.

Forgive the photos... they definitely aren't pinterest quality yet...

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