Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Rides Recap

The original goal: A road trip every weekend in the month of July

I had been looking forward to "July Ride" since I first set the intention back in January. I wanted to make sure that I was exploring the world by road and taking trips (now) rather than postponing (until some indeterminate time).

The Portland trip was amazing (flying rather than driving) and the World Domination Summit exceeded expectations. More on that soon...

But my other road trips were overtaken by work that overflowed into my weekends. It's an unhealthy habit to let work take over my life, but I love my job and it's so easy to let it spill over into my personal time. Mostly because my work is so meaningful that it feels personal - doing my part to protect the ocean.

I digress.

So, I flaked on my road trip plan! In week three, I could still hear the call of the open road and I knew I didn't have the time in July to fully respond. Then it hit me... why take short, quick, turn-around road trips when what I really wanted was to drive forward, into the wide open world of the unknown, and to truly explore unconstrained by time and limits!

The new goal: THE GRAND CANYON!

Isn't this one of the ultimate road trips? I was inspired and booked my time off and reserved by hotels that same day. And, travel hacking gave me most of my hotels for free! Thanks Chris Guillebeau!

The trip won't be in July, but it will be a grand road trip and one I can't wait to start! One month away! I haven't been to the Grand Canyon yet so it's the perfect adventure. I'm also staying a few nights in Sedona.

As with most of these monthly goals, I set a course, an intention. Some months, the goal is met as planned. Other months, I may veer off in another direction. But every month, I experience a life I wouldn't have lived had it not been for this plan to live with deliberate intentions. Feeling grateful.

The call of the open road...


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