Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Too many clothes

As I get further into this month, I'm facing the reality that I have way too many clothes. What exactly does that mean? On the surface, it means that I have closets full of clothes that I never wear. The quantity is overwhelming and only adds to the clutter. On a deeper level, I'm embarassed by the waste of spending too much money for things that end up unused and buried in a closet. Imagine what I could have done with that money? A trip? A donation to a noble charity? Life experiences rather than belongings.

This is, sadly, a lifelong habit. But one that I would love to turn around. I don't think I recognized how much this issue has weighed me down. My goal is to truly take a minimalist approach to my clothes.
  • Keep significantly fewer clothes.
  • Keep only one of any one type and wear it until it's time to replace it.
  • Buy only clothes that I absolutely love.
  • Buy less often.
The principles are simple, but I've yet to achieve them so far. Perhaps this month will trigger the radical change I need to transform.

By the way, I feel awfully petty even talking about clothes. First World Problems. But it's part of daily life that just needs my attention... then I'll return to contemplating the meaning of life. Ridiculous, I know!

Another set of 10 items to sell/donate:

Inspirational closets:


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