Tuesday, June 4, 2013

31 Days to an Uncluttered Home!

This month's challenge (to recycle or donate 10 items every day) will unclutter my closets, but I'm hoping it will also simplify my home and create more detachment to personal belongings. I am inspired by Leo's blog at http://mnmlist.com/ but my minimalism ambitions are not quite as extreme as Leo's.

As with most of my other monthly challenges, there is often an unexpected result that comes into being but only time will tell on this one...

During the first few days, the decison about what to let go of are quite simple, but I know that as the month progresses, I'm going to have to reach a bit further. In preparation, the following principles that I've read over the years may help:
  • If I haven't worn it/used it in a year, let it go.
  • If it doesn't work, let it go.
  • If it is worn, let it go.
  • If it isn't beautiful, let it go.
  • If I'm saving it "just in case I'll need it someday", let it go. Live in the now.
  • Everything I own should have value because I need it or I love it.
  • Do not keep gifts I've received out of guilt. Better to let it go and give it a more noble purpose in the world by someone who will use it.
  • I'm trying not to buy anything this month, but if I do, I need to let go of something in it's place (above and beyond the 300 items I'm already striving for)
Just like every word in a Haiku is necessary, beautiful, and meaningful, so should all my personal belongings follow that same guideline. And with that, another batch of ten is assembled for departure.

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