Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thoughts on aging...

I had a wonderful talk tonight with a dear friend of mine. Gigi lights up a room. She has this energy and aura that embraces you. And when she holds your hand or looks you in the eye, you feel connected in a way that is so often lost in the fast-paced, technology-laden communication of today.

She is 83.

We spoke of many things, but two related to aging that I thought were relevant this month. At 83, she knows this for sure:
  • She can say no. She can say no gracefully and without guilt. She can say no even if the cause is noble, because time is precious and she can now be selective with her time.
  • She has chosen her friends carefully. She knows she doesn't have to spend time with anyone whose energy isn't positive or enriching. She knows who her true friends are and she relishes her time with them.
  • Friendships, true and genuine friendships, are to be nurtured and treasured.
After our conversation, I also know this for sure... there is love. Love in friendship. Love in family. And there is a love in soul mates. As Gigi said, "he" is out there. He is born. And we will find each other.

The last tidbit isn't related to my monthly theme.... but perhaps it is. Perhaps in examining the meaning of death, I should remember that love has to be part of the answer.

Thank you, dear Gigi.

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