Sunday, March 4, 2012

March into Money

This month, I'd like to turn my focus toward my finances. Each day, approaching my finances from a different angle and hopefully ending the month with an inspiring plan for change, progress, and a future with financial freedom.

March 1: Had a good talk with HDS to kick-off my month. Takeaway concept: focus on a future goal and work backward to determine steps, resources, and timing needed to meet that goal. Practical, good reminder on goal-based financial planning.

March 2: Research. I'm staring simple, literally, with this Real Simple article.

March 3: Developing idea list of topics to cover this month
  • Reduce spending (research strategies)
  • Research philosophy/psychology of money (understand the why, then tackle the how)
  • Identify all expenses and search for ways to reduce and economize
  • Revisit 401k savings plan
  • Revisit estate planning, life insurance levels and beneficiaries
  • Establish charitable giving plan (focus giving, rather than spreading gifts across multiple organizations)
  • Explore income options
  • Prepare 2011 taxes
  • Research new ideas
  • Revisit and newly define 1 month, 6 month, 12 month, and 5 year financial plans
March 4: Research day and starting sorting through all 2011 receipts

 "In the living of life today, money is a facilitating energy source. With money in the tank like gasoline, you can get places you other wise couldn't go."
    - Joseph Campbell

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